The fragrance market is one of the multi-billion-dollar markets in the globe. We surely come across the perfume once in our lives and know it as a scent, aroma, or sweet-smell. It plays a significant role in raising our liking and trust levels but even so, many people don’t put on perfume due to the lack of information about it. Today we will try to explore what exactly the fragrances are, their types, notes, and qualities. So let’s begin..


The fragrance is simply a combination of various ingredients extracted from natural sources or synthetic substances.  

Types of fragrance

Perfume: Perfume is one of the most expensive fragrances out there and contains around 15-40% concentration of essential oils. It lasts up to approximately 8 hours.

Eau de Parfum: Eau de Parfum commonly contains 10-15% concentration of essential oils, and it lasts up to 4-6 hours.  

Eau de Toilette:  Eau de Toilette contains 4-15% essence of essential oils and lasts only up 2-3 hours.

Eau de Cologne: Eau de Cologne lasts approximately 2 hours, and it contains 2-5% essence of fragrance oil.

Eau Fraiche:  Eau Fraiche is the cheapest one in terms of cost compared to other fragrances as it contains only 1-3% of essential oils. It runs on barely an hour due to its small concentration of fragrance oils. 

It is important to mention here that the above-mentioned explanation of different types of fragrances is not a strict rule, it is rather to provide you a broader idea. Of course, it ultimately depends upon the quality of any product of how long the scent of any product lasts.

Notes of fragrance

Top Notes: The top notes are an initial aroma you smell after you apply the perfume. It normally lasts around 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Middle Notes: The Middle notes develop after the top notes evaporate, and it lasts around 3-5 hours.

Base Notes: The Base notes last up to 5-8 hours, and it functions to keep the fragrance to the skin.  

Important qualities of a good fragrance for you

You need to consider three things to decide on which perfume is best for you. 

1) Longevity 

It is important to choose a fragrance that lasts long as much as it could. But many a time, we don’t really need to have a long-lasting smell, especially when going to an event for an hour or two. In such a case we can go with a fragrance that lasts for a limited time. 

2) Uniqueness 

It is noteworthy to mention here that the aroma of any fragrance may not smell the same on two different people after some time due to having a difference in skin-chemistry between them. Therefore, you need to select a fragrance that suits best on you.

3) Projection

We all wear perfumes to smell good to others. If others don’t perceive you well with your fragrance, then it is time to review your selected perfume and possibly try on a different one. 

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