It has been observed that the choice of perfume tells a lot about the personality of an individual. It is believed that the scent of a fragrance directly invokes our emotions, and thus a real person is revealed by the choice of perfume. Here we will decipher your personality based upon the type of perfume you prefer, so jump right in. 


If you prefer citrus-based perfumes, chances are gigantic that you have a strong personality. You are influential, energetic, and willing to face challenges, and may have an eagerness to lead people, and live your life with ambitions. Even sometimes, you are dominant and aggressive. 


Fruity aroma lovers are generally social butterflies. They like spending time with people and do know the tactics on how to make others feel included in the chat and make them happy and content. 


Floral-aroma lovers are normally seen as romantic, aesthetic and sophisticated. They love the genre of love and comedy and a movie with a combo of both makes them double happy.  


People who wear woody scents are normally humble and gentle. They are easy people to talk to, and they say what they want to, in direct-language without trying to say in-between the lines. It has been seen that they appear more professionally and academically excellent. They love the outdoors and the smell of fresh-cut grass, the atmosphere after a thunderstorm and pine trees. They carry high-expectations for others and themselves as well.


Musky perfumes are normally strong and long-lasting and are made in such a way to make the wearer feel seductive. It is appropriate to wear on a date. People who prefer wearing this scent actually like spending quality time. The musky fragrance lovers tend to be rash, intense, and sensitive, and contain artistic inclinations. Creative and original, they are often leaders of style with an abundance of intellect. 


Aquatic fragrance lovers tend to like simplicity and purity. They tend to like more elegant things, or in simple words, they are nature-loving. They are minimalist at heart and do not tend to like fancy things. Prefer to live a simple and relaxed life. Besides, they are high-spirited and intellectually smart. Also, people having a proclivity to a marine-flavored perfume are spontaneous and are willing to go with the flow. 

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