When we talk about the winter, of course, a few things immediately come to our minds, i.e., good food, comfort, and warmth. And ‘warmth’ is the most essential element among all — considering human nature desires the most inadequate element the most. Thus, we look forward to having the ‘warmth’ element in all of our daily used stuff, from clothing to food. By the same token, we should expect the ‘warmth’ and a bit ‘heavier’ element in our fragrance as well. So let’s figure out in detail what sort of fragrance we should wear in winter.

Take notice of base notes

Fragrance consists of three notes namely, top, middle, and base notes. The base notes are the heaviest part of any fragrance that stays the most and, thus, important to consider in the winter months. You should search base notes such as sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli in the winter. 

Wear denser fragrance

Scents fade quicker in the winter compared to the summer because scents stick with the moisturized skin, and because our skin is more susceptible to dryness in winter, scents quickly fade from the skin. Therefore, we should wear fragrances having denser scents. Fragrance categories such as Eau de parfum and perfume should be given priority as these categories contain the most concentration of essential oils, and thus scents would stay longer with us.

Spicy scent is good for winter. 

Because spicy scents fall in the ‘warm’ category, one should prefer this category in the winter such as nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Woody & earthy scent are popular in the winter 

As the woody and earthy scents have a heavy, rich scent, it is very popular among people, especially in the winter. Popular ones are patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, and bergamot.

Adjust your scent

Just in case winter is not a season you wish for, you’re more welcome to use the scent that transports you back to the summer days. And to adjust your scent according to the winter season, you can pick up a floral with a little deep and intense scent, which has preferably the base of jasmine or tuberose.

Use online platforms for quick decision

Going to the perfume shop and finding the right fragrance may often be a too tiring process. You can quickly reach the perfume suitable for your personality and taste through online shops. They allow you to meet the fragrance through their search filters which match your preferences, and thus you get the right fragrance. See the image of our filter selection options for example. 

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