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    54 products
    creed aventus catch 22 perfume
    creed aventus
    Catch 22
    Our #1 Best Seller 🏆
    from Rs.750
    tipping point bleu de chanel perfume
    bleu de chanel
    Tipping Point
    Our #1 Office Wear! 👔
    from Rs.890
    merry me victoria secret's bombshell perfume
    Merry Me
    #1 Women's Best-Seller 🏆
    from Rs.850
    florse gucci flora perfume
    gucci flora
    Our Best Floral Fragrance
    from Rs.780
    love letters chanel coco mademoiselle perfume
    love letters perfume
    Love Letters
    Women's All-Rounder!
    from Rs.750
    da vinci code giorgio armani acqua di gio perfume
     Acqua Di Gio perfume
    Da Vinci Code
    A gentleman's favorite!
    from Rs.730
    near you L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake perfume
    near you perfume
    Near You
    Top Choice for Gifting 🎁
    from Rs.790
    rain on me bvlgari aqva perfume
    bvlgari aqva
    Rain On Me
    2nd Best Selling Aquatic Perfume
    from Rs.950
    into the sun terre d'hermes perfume
    into the sun perfume
    Into the Sun
    Most Admired Perfume
    from Rs.750
    crazy beats chanel allure homme sport perfume
    crazy beats perfume
    Crazy Beats
    #1 Sports Wear Perfume
    from Rs.750
    atlantis ck one perfume
    atlantis perfume
    Perfect Every-Day Scent
    from Rs.650
    kumrat versace dylan blue perfume
    kumrat perfume
    3rd Best Selling Soft Oriental Perfume
    from Rs.690
    breeze d&g light blue perfume
    breeze perfume
    Terrific Fresh Clean Scent!
    from Rs.750
    color me red hugo boss pure perfume
    color me red perfume
    Color Me Red
    3rd Best Selling Aquatic Perfume
    from Rs.650
    make my day ferrari black perfume
    make my day perfume
    Make My Day
    2nd Best Selling Floral Oriental Perfume
    from Rs.1,450
    orchid house tom ford black orchid perfume
    orchid house perfume
    Orchid House
    4th Best Selling Soft Oriental Perfume
    from Rs.780
    merry me bombshell perfume
    merry me perfume
    Merry Me (2.0)
    #1 Women's Best-Seller 🏆
    from Rs.740
    stallion y by ysl perfume
    stallion perfume
    Newest Most Demanded
    from Rs.750
    shigar ysl supreme bouquet perfume
    shigar perfume
    2nd Best Selling Fruity Perfume
    from Rs.990
    maldives creed virgin island water perfume
    3rd Best Selling Citrus Perfume
    casablanca clive christian 1872 perfume
    5th Best Selling Aromatic Perfume
    sirius frederic malle the moon perfume
    sirius perfume
    3rd Best Selling Fruity Perfume
    from Rs.2,190
    rossom mancera pink roses perfume
    rossom perfume
    4th Best Selling Citrus Perfume
    from Rs.990
    rashk purple oud perfume
    #3 Best Selling Woody Perfume
    qurb La Vie Est Belle Lancome perfume
    A touch of sophistication
     Umeed Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male perfume
    Perfect for Nights Out
    from Rs.1,290
    cemal Irresistible Givenchy perfume
    Full of Romance
    dauntless alfred dunhill desire perfume
    dunhill desire
    World's 2nd Best Selling DNA
    from Rs.650
    kingpin hugo boss bottled perfume
    kingpin perfume
    Perfect Blind Buy!
    from Rs.650
    farat perfume
    Elysium Pour Homme
    The Most Charismatic Fragrance
    Sale price Rs.4,550 Regular price Rs.4,890
    rabt perfume
    Office For Men
    Top Woody Spicy Fragrance
    Sale price Rs.3,020 Regular price Rs.3,250
    close men carolina herrera 212 men perfume
    close men perfume
    Close Men
    2nd Best Selling Citrus Perfume
    from Rs.790
    creamy pineapple nishane hacivat perfume
    Creamy Pineapple
    2nd Best Selling Mossy Wood Perfume
    cross my heart azzaro wanted perfume
    azzaro wanted
    Cross My Heart
    The Most Noticeable Scent!
    from Rs.750
    crossroads tom ford tuscan leather perfume
    crossroads perfume
    Most Popular Leather Fragrance
    from Rs.950
    dapper lacoste white perfume
    dapper perfume
    2nd Best Selling Aromatic Perfume
    from Rs.650
    dope ralph lauren polo sport perfume
    dope perfume
    Outstanding Sporty Fragrance
    from Rs.690
    hingol hugo boss the scent perfume
    hingol perfume
    DNA of 5th Best Selling Fougere Perfume
    from Rs.690
    in my dreams creed silver mountain perfume
    creed silver mountain perfume
    In My Dreams
    Best Selling Green Perfume
    from Rs.890
    living floral dior jadore perfume
    Living Floral
    Most Awarded Women's Fragrance!
    from Rs.690 Regular price Rs.1,380

    Deliciously Fresh Perfumes To Smell Sophisticated

    Fresh perfumes are a delight to smell. They make one feel rejuvenated and lively. Fresh perfumes make you feel as though you’ve just taken a shower – clean and sophisticated. Some also feel like they are taking a walk on the beach when they wear a fresh perfume. Fresh perfumes are the best daytime perfumes because they match with the feel of the day. They are light and easy on your sensory receptors. They soothe you and make you feel calm and happy. These perfumes may also include fruity perfumes since they are also refreshing in nature. Fruity perfumes are also very famous daytime perfumes because of their light and energising nature. Some fruity perfumes in our collection are best-selling, they are a no-brainer, if you want something that pleases everyone, these are the ones for you! It is commonly known that fresh fruity perfumes do not last very long on the skin. This is true to an extent because they have lighter molecules which evaporate in the air very quickly. In contrast, they have excellent sillage because they leave a trail of smell and smell of the perfume is very prominent for people around.

    In order to overcome the issue of lasting Scents’n Stories has implemented two amazing solutions. Firstly, we make highly concentrated perfumes. This makes the performance and lasting of our perfumes much better as compared to other brands. Secondly, all our perfumes are also available in the form of roll-ons. These roll-ons are pocket-friendly and can be carried around easily. They can be used during the day to renew your fragrance so that you can smell great all day long. At Scents’n Stories we have an easy return policy. In case you do not like the fresh fruity perfume you ordered from us, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can return the perfume within 15 days. Buying fresh fruity perfumes has never been this convenient. You can place your order within seconds and receive your favourite perfumes in the comfort of your home.

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