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Our Story


It all started when we thought something is very wrong with how the fragrance industry is functioning. Before we tell you how we plan to solve that, take a look at the below 4 scenarios and tell us if it has happened with you? 

Problem 1: Saturation

You are walking past the perfume section in a store. The sales person is following you like a shadow. “Sir, which type of fragrance you are looking for?” You not wanting to sound dumb, throw some random answer. He sprays a perfume on a test strip. You like it. He shows you another one, and then another. But you are unable to decide which one you should really buy.

Problem 2: Unpredicability

Somebody gifts you a scent. It smell very ordinary. You start wearing it anyway. And woah, you start getting compliments. And now you love it and become a loyal user.  Or in other scenario, you buy a perfume which you seem to like, but nobody notices it or likes it. Soon get bored and want another one with that extra kick. 

Problem 3: Signature scent

You sometimes wonder what is one perfume which would really suit yourself. You remember how you always used to love somebody’s scent which he kept wearing for decades. Where should you start hunting your signature scent? 

Problem 4: Money

You go to a brand store and get attracted by a great looking perfume bottle. You’ve seen it in ads as well. You try it and fell in love. You see the price tag and you imagine a hole in your pocket. You wonder if the high price is because of the perfume itself or the highly expensive perfume bottle.

Do you sense what is wrong?

Fragrance is stuck in a never-ending loop that keeps shoppers in line with the status quo. An estimated $800 million is spent on fragrance marketing each year, from television commercials to billboards to in-store samples and magazine ads, spiking up the prices.

We all just hate these tactics outright, craving a more individualized, guided way to purchase what is a very personal item. A more tailored method, where store associates learn about customers first, then offer them scents that better fit their tastes is what was the need of the hour.

And this is how exactly we plan to disrupt this industry. Using technology to our advantage, we give the customers all the tools to narrow down their choices. Starting from the gender, you can apply one filter after another, such as gender, season, type, brand, application time etc Applying these filters will bring you to the best 2-3 fragrances from which you can then decide.

What we do?

We sell high quality impressions of designer fragrances. We keep our costs low by having standard packaging and minimal advertising. This enables our customers to enjoy Ferrari on a Corolla budget.

Our products are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils sourced from one the biggest fragrance manufacturers in France, Germany & Europe . We are thrilled to source from these companies that work with major fashion brands, designers and retailers worldwide.