SNS Oud Hindi

SNS Oud Hindi
SNS Oud Hindi
SNS Oud Hindi

SNS Oud Hindi

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Scent Profile

Very beautiful Oud. From lower Assaam region. Very Clean. Copper Pot distillation. Very Controlled Barnyard. It doesn't have that dryness, nor very wetness. Not too dry to have an accentuated barnyard. This one has very taimed animalic notes. Leather is always hanging in the background hinting towards combination of deep wood infection and external wood shavings interacting with one another!!!!.

Suitable For

People who are deep into Ouds and know how Hindi Oud smells like. Loud and Strong.

Origin: India

Approximate Age: 10+ years. Very well settled, which means no variation in smelling

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Grade: Virgin / First Press (also called Maliki). Maliki stands for royal. Usually denotes the fiirst and finest oil from the wood being first one and most concentrated

Tree Type: Plantation

Composition: 100% Natural. Single Origin

Payment method: All natural Ouds will only be sent after bank transfer. It cannot be sent on COD. All natural Ouds can be sniffed at our Karachi Perfume Studio.


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