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Roll-On Perfume Oil (10ml)
Spray Perfume (50ml)

Catch 22 – Our Impression of Aventus Creed

Roll-On Perfume Oil (10ml)
Spray Perfume (50ml)

Smash my head – Our Impression of Sauvage Dior

Roll-On Perfume Oil (10ml)
Spray Perfume (50ml)

Marry Me – Our Impression of Bombshell

Roll-On Perfume Oil (10ml)
Spray Perfume (50ml)

Da vinci code – Our Impression of Acqua Di Gio


How it all started

It all started when we thought something is very wrong with how the fragrance industry is functioning. Before we tell you how we plan to solve that, take a look at the below 4 scenarios and tell us if it has happened with you?

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High Quality

Our perfume oils are sourced from one the biggest fragrance manufacturers in France, Germany & Europe who work with major fashion brands.

Giftable Packaging

Our products look and feel very unique. They can be a perfect gift idea for your loved ones.  Plus they can come with surprises 🙂

Low Cost

We keep our costs low by having standard packaging and minimal advertising. This enables our customers to enjoy Ferrari on a Corolla budget.

Designer Feel

Our scents are very similar to the scents of designer brands, giving you similar depth and feel.

Bottle Options

Whether you want a travel-friendly roll-on bottle, or a sturdy spray bottle, we have it all.

Easy Returns

Our excellent return policy means you can always return or exchange your products without hassle!

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